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We are not psychologists and we do not practice medicine or law. Our services address the "subliminal" belief structures that contaminate logical thought and rational responses. We find no need to delve into anything "subconscious" or medical. On the other hand, we do require you to be reasonably substance-free so that you are able to participate intelligently; however, most medical drugs do not interfere with our approach.


We guarantee virtual confidentiality, to the extent that using internet and telephony services allows, and absolute confidentiality for consultations performed in-person. We never reveal the names of our client companies or individuals, for any purposes. Unfortunately, this includes providing references, so please don't ask! You must make your decision about us based on your own perception of our perceived expertise and value, and your own judgement. There is more than enough content in this website to provide everything necessary to make that determination.


ASC/ Articulate Management, ntc., is a mandated mission to the business world charged with the purpose of upgrading the business environment from mercenarial mercantilism to benevolent commerce; in short, to recover the American win-win values that originally replaced the dog-eat-dog approach of the older cultures but then was lost as the country became more and more uncertain of the value its uniquenesses.

ASC/ Articulate Management, ntc., was established by ASC Missions Group as one of several autonomous trust organizations, each of which was endowed with no-fee non-exclusive licences to the relevant ASC Missions Group, ntc., methods and technologies necessary to the pursuit of its mandate.

While ASC Missions Group, ntc, and every mission it establishes are created under auspices of the First Amendment and Internal Revenue Code Section 508 as parts of a conglomerate of religious trusts, ASC/ Articulate Management is restricted by the terms of its trust declaration from promoting any particular political or religious perspective. The only connection ASC/ Articluate Management has to the religious aspects of ASC Missions Group is in the certification of consultants to deliver certain optional private introspection counseling services, which certification is the source of our guarantee of absolute confidentiality under the laws of confessional.

No portion of the fees received by ASC/ Articulate Management, ntc., are retained by ASC Missions Group, ntc., nor are they applied to the support or funding of any religious entity or activity.

ntc. stands for nul tiel corpus, literally, "no body at issue", or more functionally, it means that the organization is trust-based and in no way a corporate entity; ntc can also be loosely translated as "nominal trust corpus".

"Effectiveness Profile" is a trademark of ASC Missions Group, ntc. "Self-improvement & Professional-development Diagnostic" is a service mark of ASC Missions Group, ntc.

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"Effectiveness Profile" is a trademark of ASC Missions Group, ntc.
"Self-improvement & Professional-development Diagnostic" is a service mark of ASC Missions Group, ntc.